The year is 2065 and the United States is dead, no longer a superpower. Political discord led to race riots and an escalation of gang activity. A nuclear attack followed by an economy and military busting series of EMPs threw the nation into chaos.


Now citizens of the Federated Republic of America live in cities locked behind walls that divide them according to their ethnicity of origin - Almond, Havana, Ivory and Kink. Never interacting, living completely separated, governed by a ruthless drug lord dictator, the Supreme Leader Martin, a leader reviled around the world for his crimes against humanity.

Yet hope is alive in a rebel organization called the Underground where all ethnicities are working together to restore America to a new version of herself - one in which ethnicities no longer live divided behind walls, but in which everyone works and lives together.


Four teenaged recruits into the Queenstown Underground - Rose, Marcos, Harriet and their unlikely fourth Jason - work together tirelessly to not only protect their native Queenstown from falling into the clutches of a ruthlessly ambitious councilman but also to free people enslaved on farms for generations.


Will the people of the FRA ever be free to live united, no longer divided by the walls?