Rose had led a sheltered life in the Almond area of Queenstown in the Federated Republic of America, up until her mother went missing. That's when things started careening out of control and she collided with the Underground, a resistance movement aimed at pushing the dictator Martin out of power and reuniting the divided population. She had just settled into life as a rebel when she discovered Martin had far more than division planned - he wanted to conquer. And Rose knew she had to stop him. But at what cost?

Marcos's life in the Havana area of Queenstown was much different. Growing up under an abusive father had taught him to rely on himself and take care of others until he ends up a slave on the farms outside Queenstown and has to re-examine everything he thought was true. Marcos struggles with his deep yearning for freedom against the machine that is the Martin regime. In the midst of this, he finds out about a secret militia aimed at taking over Queenstown, and eventually the nation. What's more important - Marcos's own freedom or the survival of his city and nation?

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The stakes couldn’t be higher as Rose, Jason and their team head to the Protected Region of Minnesota. Yet, things aren’t going as smoothly as hoped. What schemes have they run into and are they going to emerge alive? What discoveries await Rose; discoveries that could, once again, leave her questioning everything she’s ever known as truth?


As the other half of their team heads to the Independent Republic of Texas, will Marcos and Harriet make it to the border safely or will they be caught by regime elements that seem to know their every step? And if they make it, will they find willing allies in the Texas leadership or will they also encounter schemes and counter-schemes?


Betrayal takes on a new look as everything the four have fought for is now at stake. Will they emerge unscathed? Or are there events worse than betrayal waiting for them around the next corner?

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