Rose knew there had to be more. The only time she ever saw someone from another of the three areas of Queenstown was when she accompanied her mother to the CAB, where city council offices were. That and when she went on her Almond Tower rooftop and was able to listen to the lively music of Havana, the parades of Ivory or the complex group dances of Kink. That's how high she had to go to see over the walls that Divided their city into four.

Marcos had lived his life under the thumb of his abusive father, but he had finally found something worth living - and possibly even dying for - The Underground. As he trained and met people from the other three areas, he began to hear whispers of something even worse than Supreme Leader Martin in Queenstown. And just as he was getting his bearings as a rebel, he found out firsthand that there was an even worse place to live than inside four walls - behind a barbed wire fence.

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Kidnapped, just like her mom Sophie, Rose now had to figure out how to get back to Queenstown and warn the Underground of the treachery she had discovered in the mountains. Would Hugh remember their plan or was he in on the conspiracy? She had trusted him, but was that trust in the handsome ambassador from the Underground’s supposed ally nation of Great Britain worth anything?

Enslaved back on a farm outside Queenstown, Marcos desperately worked with the Underground leadership among the slaves to raise up an army. Would their efforts yield change or would these people remain enslaved to the evil regime of the Supreme Leader Martin for another four decades? Could he trust his enemy’s son, Jason, or was Jason a spy for his power-hungry father, Hudson Britwell, and his old best friend, Junior? Marcos had to work fast in order to not see the Underground crushed under the ambition of Britwell and Junior. Would they be in time to prevent death and destruction?

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The stakes couldn’t be higher as Rose, Jason and their team head to the Protected Region of Minnesota. Yet, things aren’t going as smoothly as hoped. What schemes have they run into and are they going to get emerge alive? What discoveries await Rose; discoveries that could, once again, leave her questioning everything she’s ever known as truth?


As the other half of their team heads to the Independent Republic of Texas, will Marcos and Harriet make it to the border safely or will they be caught by regime elements that seem to know their plan? And if they make it, will they find willing allies in the Texas leadership or will they also encounter schemes and counter-schemes?


Betrayal takes on a new look as everything the four have fought for is now at stake. Will they emerge unscathed? Or are there events worse than betrayal waiting for them around the next corner?

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