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With the fate of millions in their hands, four teens from vastly different backgrounds must join forces to stop an annihilating weapon before it's too late. In DIVIDED, a near-future dystopian adventure, Rose is desperate to escape her family's expectations and the walls of Queenstown, so she enrolls in an elite physicist training program only to discover she's working on a weapon of mass destruction. Meanwhile, Marcos, fed up with his father's plans, escapes Queenstown and finds himself in a prison camp. With the help of a diverse community, Rose and Marcos join forces to save millions of lives and free enslaved political prisoners. Will they manage to prevent the coming disaster or will their world be forever divided? If you enjoyed The Hunger Games or Divergent, you'll love DIVIDED, the thrilling first book in a trilogy.

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The stakes couldn’t be higher when Rose, Jason and their team head to the Protected Region of Minnesota to warn the FRA refugees of their impending demise. Yet, things aren’t as they seem in Minnesota. Rose's discoveries threaten to unravel the fragile life she's built in the Underground, while she and Jason fight to stay alive. What schemes have Rose and Jason plummeted into and will they survive the attempts to kill them?


As Marcos and Harriet accompany the other half of their team to the Independent Republic of Texas, will Marcos and Harriet fall into the hands of regime elements who seem to know their every step? And if they make it, will they find willing allies in the Texas leadership or is more lurking under the surface in Texas than meets the eye?

Betrayal takes on a new look, as everything the four have fought for is at stake. Will they emerge unscathed? Or are there events worse than betrayal waiting for them around the next corner?

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Back from their attempts to warn Minnesota and Texas on the coming sono-nuclear Armageddon, Rose, Harriet, Marcos and Jason realize time is running out to stop Martin. Allies and spies in Martin's Palace uncover an alarming timeline and the schemes multiply as those jockeying for control of the FRA come into the open. The Underground rushes to Martinsburg to stop Martin and free their nation, but they encounter resistance on every side. More than just the regime has a vested interest in keeping the Federated Republic of America in bondage, locked behind walls, and weak. 

Will the Underground emerge victorious and unite the fractured nation? The hopes of a generation rest on Rose, Harriet, Marcos and Jason.

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