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Your Next TBR

I've been reading countless dystopian / science fiction authors' work and watching shows on Netflix, trying to find my "meets" statement candidates, searching for other works that meaningfully reflect my writing, themes, or character. And I found a gem I want to share with you!

T. A. White's Firebird Chronicles is a surprising find in a crowded science fiction / dystopian field. This series has it all - strong female lead, characters needing redemption, action-action-action, alien species with imaginative abilities (not exactly magic, think more like the Aes Sedai of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series), and dastardly villains who were once victims themselves.

When I'm rooting through the myriad of books in my genre, I typically only read the first book in a series. This gives me enough insight to tell if the work is comparable. Sometimes, I don't even read that far. But I couldn't put this one down. Then, when I finished book one - Rules of Redemption - I quickly downloaded book two - Age of Deception. Days later, I'm on book three - Threshold of Annihilation. T.A. White has crafted a complex world with riveting, believable characters, and non-stop action.

IMPORTANT note - a fairly explicit sex scene surprised me in the middle of book three. Since this is the only instance so far (I'm midway through book four and I'll bet there will be another yet to come), I still recommend the series. For those who don't like this level of sexual content (personally, I prefer clean reads), the scene's arrival is obvious from a mile away. In the words of my avid reader, teenaged daughter who hates any hint of romance in her fantasy / sci fi books, "Just skip it. You won't miss anything important." Well said.

Perhaps this gem needs to be on your TBR list?

Cover flow for T.A. White's Rules of Redemption, book one of the Firebird Chronicles

P.S. "TBR" means "To Be Read"

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