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The year is 2070 and the United States is dead, it's superpower status gone. Political discord following an acerbic election led to race riots. A nuclear attack followed by an economy and military busting series of EMPs threw the nation into chaos, gangs ruling the cities until the Supreme Commander Martin clamped an iron fist onto the nation.


Citizens of the Federated Republic of America now live locked behind walls that divide them according to their ethnicity of origin - Little Asia, Havana, Obsidian and Ivory. Never interacting, living completely separated, their leader reviled around the world for his crimes against humanity.

Yet hope is alive in a rebel organization. In the Underground, all ethnicities work together to create a new America - one without walls, where everyone works and lives together in freedom.


Four teenaged Underground recruits in Queenstown - Rose, Marcos, Harriet and Jason - scramble to protect their city from the schemes of an ambitious councilman and to create freedom for those enslaved for generations.


Will they succeed in writing a new history for the Federated Republic of America?

Prequel post-apocalyptic novella Upheaval ebook or paperback available on Amazon now!

Divided - book one of the Divided series - is coming in 2024.

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